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Birth of Pyramid Vaastu

Pyramid Vaastu is a holistic science of creating harmony and balance of subtle energies of the supreme being, planets, earth and man-made or natural objects with us. Knowledge of Pyramid Vaastu helps us bring out our best to fulfil our dreams and desires

Pyramid Vaastu is a supreme way to live with the whole

Prof. Dr. Jiten Bhatt

Birth of Pyramid Vaastu

My father is the father of Pyramid Vaastu'. He invented this concept of Pyramid Vaastu' by utilizing his own experience of staying in 15 vaastu wrong houses. To know more about Guruji (Prof. Dr. Jiten Bhatt) refer to my book Jiten Secret - Photo biography of a fortune Guru', Untold stories of Prof. Dr. Jiten Bhatt to reform your life. It is a secret formula to live a fulfilling life. He started working with Pyramid Power since 1972, about 45 years ago. He came across a book Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain by Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder in 1970. This book was the first spark of Pyramid Vaastu. My father had also worked in holistic health department of the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Gujarat, India. Because of his holistic health, healing pyramid power knowledge, and unconditional love for all in heart, Pyramid Vaastu concept emerged for well being of humanity. He believes that if the health of house is okay, you are okay If health of soul is okay, your body is okay. So, to improve your condition take care of your house and its environ ment, and soul-the innermost center of existence. Pyramid Vaastu is to take care of both our polarities, outermost and innermost existence 34 years ago in 1983 my father wanted to build a house. He is an electrical and mechanical engineer, and also has industrial designing degrees. He designed the plan of our home. At this point he didn't have any knowledge of vaastu.


Traditional Vaastu Purusha

Here again vaastu of the house was not okay! One of my grandfather's friends pointed out the vaastu defects in the house. My father asked him what to do about them? He said there are two ways out: one from outer end, that is physical modification in the building, which is next to impossible for a common man. Today 99.99% of houses are vaastu wrong as per traditional vaastu rules. The second way is from within. There are many spiritual ways for this. Which one to choose? To address this, my father formulated a simple way for our home based on his knowledge of health, healing and pyramid power. Charity begins from home. A science artist does experiment on himself to experience. My father also decided to do pyramid power experiment for our house. This was his 15th vaastu- wrong house! Even if the experiment failed, there was nothing to loose. He fixed his own invented Pyramid Yantra' which we were using for health improvement. If it improves our health, it can improve the health of house too.



Pyramid Vaastu Correction

His experiment was extremely successful. In fact, the results were beyond expectations. Day-by-day all the vital sectors of life were improving drastically. We will see how we did it. This way Pyramid Vaastu was born 27 years ago in 1990. In these 27 years it has done great miracles in the lives of millions of people. Now it is your turn ! As per traditional vaastu, three vital corners: (North-East, South-East and South-West) were missing. Meaning, the head, right hand elbow-right leg knee, and both feet of vaastu purush were missing. The house was not at all okay. We corrected this with the simplest multi-layer Pyramid Yantra' which we had been using for the health of people. The same yantras were used to regain the power of the missing corners. We did one impor that thing which had a great effect on entire vaastu. It was empowering the center of the house with Pyramid Yantra. A programmed center is of great value in Pyramid Vaastu. Let's learn this step-by-step. The most fundamental step in Pyramid Vaastu correction is center and periphery.


9 Steps of Pyramid Vaastu for Building Vaastu

Pyramid Vaastu is a simple, scientific and systematic way to achieve total well-being. We will learn as and when required these nine steps of Pyramid Vaastu for building vaastu. If you take care of these nine steps of pyramid Vaastu, the results will be fantastic. Remember, for complete Pyramid Vaastu other two vital ingredients Personal Vaastu and Subtle Vaastu- are must.

Step One - Cleansing/Cleaning


Step Two - Center/Energy Flow


Step Three - Shape/Corner


Step Four - Entrance/Main Door


Step Five - Protection/Safeguard


Step Six - Direction/ Guardians


Step Seven - Location/Vital Sector


Step Eight-Surrounding/Roads


Step Nine - Pyramid Vaastu Solutions